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Seedling Online

Internet solutions since 1995.

Seedling Online helps people use the Internet to achieve business goals with confidence.

Browse our list of client web sites, read about us, then get in touch to begin growing your Internet dreams.


Client relations, etc.

She is a Doctor of Advertising, with a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin.

Her professional and research interests include digital content management, interactive advertising, and website usability.


Webmaster, etc.

He founded Seedling Online with the vision of a resplendent forest of dynamic domains, branching and referencing in a vibrant cyberspace ecosystem.

His technical skills include software engineering, network administration, website design, copy editing and computer coaching.


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Many of our clients have public web sites.
Other clients contract Seedling Online for intranet-only or otherwise private projects.


Seedling Online: Internet solutions since 1995.

Seedling Online started as a project to provide programming service to the tech start-up community that was developing on the Internet and in Austin circa 1995.

Once called a 'Swiss Army Knife for start-ups', siblings Ben and Laura Bright offer a solid foundation for anyone taking their inspiration to the Internet.

Seedling Online helps in all aspects of Internet presence, from the fundamentals of hardware choices, hosting providors and e-mail accounts to the details of a beautifully designed, browser friendly website (with or without e-commerce) to the complexities of search engine optimization and online ad placement.

To this day, Seedling Online offers valuable technical and business guidance to newly inspired Internet dreamers and seasoned start-up dot-com veterans alike.